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Now listen, reader, keep in mind that my website, comics and other entertainments are supposed to be seen as fun for the world's marijuana smokers. This place does have contents which refer to adult things, humor, bad language and certain practices which may cause some people offence. Similar to certain problems people have with video games. I for one don't like to see children simply with ps3 controllers in their hands all the time, just like I don't like to see people just simply smoking weed. But this is all meant in fun. So sit back, relax and read about Super Doobie, the six foot joint who is the hero of Anytown.

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Super Doobie is a living roll-up. He is a simple-minded stoner who has a very simple life. He plays Xbox a lot and the original design was for him to be stood holding one of the xbox 360 modded controllers in his hand. Over the course of the comics he comes up against money issues. For example, can money buy him happiness? He becomes fully engulfed in greed and money and his obsessions with material possessions and wealth lead him to become a down and out. All of this distracts Super Doobie from his role as a crime fighter, constantly thwarting his arch enemy, Dr. Resin.

Cleaning up his act, Doobie teams up with a group of Latin side kicks in attempt to thwart Dr. Resin and become the Champion of People once again. The Latinos ask him what happened to their hero? Doobie explains that he tried money but it wasn't his fault. Instead, he blames peer pressure. They ask if his mother ever warned him about money? One explains that the spirit of Mary Jane is sharing and loving. He says, Mary Jane loves you and so should you love yourself.

Doobie then exclaims that he is right! A friend with weed is a friend indeed. You've got lots of weed and I'm a 6 foot joint! They then set out to rescue Anytown from Dr. Resin who now controls it, forcing the good citizens to pay big bucks for bad weed and has setup Super Doobie as the reason.

Marijuana has become a popular topic for games, films and more recently. For example, the film Pineapple Express has been described as a love letter to weed and stars James Franco and Seth Rogen. In the recent video game LA Noire, there is a downloadable mission called Reefer Madness in which you uncover a police case based around marijuana use in the 1940s. The game was developed by Rockstar Games who are famous for their cutting edge gaming, but also their sometimes controversial subject matter and content. Their games include LA Noire, Red Dead Redemption, the GTA series, Bully and Rockstar Table Tennis.

Perhaps one day they will make a video game of Super Doobie!